The Yipirinya School is a two-way (bilingual and bi-cultural) school. It caters for students from Transition to Secondary.

Yipirinya School specialises in educating Aboriginal children from the town camps, and outstations of Alice Springs. Yipirinya School was formed by Aboriginal people for Aboriginal children. In this it is not just a school but a community.

Yipirinya School caters for Aboriginal students because it keeps traditional Aboriginal Language and Culture alive by teaching students in their vernacular Indigenous language and cultural groups. It offers two-way teaching, bilingual and bicultural.

The school follows the Australian Curriculum, the Early Years Learning Framework, the Northern Territory Curriculum Framework and the Northern Territory Indigenous Languages and Culture Curriculum. These Frameworks have been localised and indigenised to suit the school’s cohort. We concentrate on the basics of literacy and numeracy, but also include other Learning Areas in the Curriculum.