Language and Culture Centre

This freshly renovated facility houses a Literature Production Centre along with a cultural / historical archive.

The Centre has offices and work areas for Indigenous literacy workers to assist the teachers in preparing materials. The school employs a Language and Culture Centre Coordinator, a Teacher Linguist, Literacy Production Workers and hosts Elders in Residence. The LCC coordinates On Country visits and assists the Language Teachers in their work.

Adjacent to the Language and Culture Centre are the four language teaching classrooms which also house dedicated office and workspaces. Four languages are taught:

  • Central and Eastern Arrernte
  • Western Aranda
  • Luritja
  • Warlpiri

Cultural excursions are an integral part of the language curriculum and with weekly day long on country excursions with teachers and elders.

The school produces its own big readers and classroom texts for each of the four languages and produces appropriate activity and work sheets in language for the students. The school shares many of its printed literature resources with schools in remote communities.