The School today

Yipirinya school has an enrolment of approximately 150 students.

The primary school classes run from Transition to Year 6. The secondary class runs from Year 7 and delivers schooling within a flexible learning environment. Language classes occur across four language groups four days a week, one of these is a whole day on country visit.

The four dedicated language classrooms are resourced by the newly renovated Language and Culture Centre (LCC), that also houses an important cultural and historical archive developed over the schools 40 plus year history.

A commercial kitchen and dining room runs the school’s nutrition program with breakfast, recess, lunch and fruit before the bus home.

The school’s modern facilities include a 25-metre swimming pool and new oval. The multi-purpose hall includes a performance stage, music room and woodworking studio. Other facilities include a computer lab, home economics and craft rooms. There is also a 40-bed accommodation and childcare centre.

The school is registered as an Independent non-government school and is governed by a school council.