The School offers all primary grades from Transition to Year 6. Where numbers justify it there are separate classes for each year group, or alternatively composite classes of two year groups.

The classrooms have been built in pairs, each with its own withdrawal or tutor rooms and store rooms attached, and with a shared office. There are separate toilets and bathrooms for each classroom and facilities for washing clothes.

The School Library, the Language and Culture Centre, and the Kitchen and Dining Room are all part of the Primary Campus. The classrooms also have a shared outdoor lawn play area and a shade covered playground.

Qualified and registered teachers are appointed to all classes. In addition an Indigenous Assistant Teacher is appointed to work with each teacher and, wherever possible, a part-time tutor is also appointed to assist with one on one tuition or small group work. Additional classroom support staff include the Principal, the Curriculum Coordinator, School Counsellor, Physical Education Teacher and a Special Needs Teacher. School Liaison Officers assist with communication with parents. An aboriginal healthworker assists with health issues.

In keeping with the School’s philosophy all students have language and culture lessons each day in addition to following the¬†Australian Curriculum Framework. Cultural excursions are also part of the Curriculum.