Inclusion Hub

A schoolwide Inclusion Hub is being developed to help individual children receive the specialist support. The Hub will assist staff in differentiating between children who may be eligible for a diagnosis and those who experience difficulty due to poor attendance or ESL challenges. The Hub will also provide a mechanism to ensure adequate funding for the school and embed inclusion as a way of being across the school. The proposed Inclusion Hub will be evidence based, trauma informed, flexible and responsive to the needs of the school and community. Central to this development are culture, language and the values of the school community.

In the past inclusion is something that has been “done” for individual students, often adhoc reacting to an external challenge such as behaviour. It has typically been focused on the disability or challenge of the child, rather than the environment, task and people around the child and has not been in the context of understanding that most inclusion challenges can be mitigated through some simple changes in paradigm for schools.